Halloween Plans

An important message from Mr. Westenskow regarding our Halloween celebration on Tuesday, October 27:

Greenwood Families,

As Halloween approaches we know that there are many activities that students look forward to. While it will look different this year. We are going to strive to make the day as good as we can for the kids. With that said, here are a couple changes that we need to be mindful of as we approach October 27th.

1) If you choose to send your student in a costume, please do it at the beginning of the day and plan for them to wear it for the day.

2) Costumes should be conducive to normal school day activities. (Class learning, sitting, moving, recess, lunch, bathroom breaks etc.)

3) Ensure the student can wear their normal face mask with the costume.

4) No face paint

5) The school will provide snacks and treats this year for class parties.