Principal's Message K-3 Onsite Learning

GWD parents,

We're pleased to announce that all students K-3 will return to school for in-person learning next Monday, Oct 5.

We are tremendously excited for this positive step forward, but this change will require lots of logistical details. I want to go over a few of those now, and please know that we will be communicating lots of information this week to help families and students be prepared.

1. The schedule for K-3 will be 8:00 - 1:00, M-F. 4th and 5th grade will remain in CDL and their schedules will stay the same for now.

2. All K-3 students returning will be required to wear masks. Please practice with your child and help them to be ready for this requirement. We will also be practicing physical distancing and students will remain in stable cohorts, which means they will not mix with other classes throughout the school.

3. We have strict guidelines that require us to send home students who are ill or symptomatic. If your child is under the weather, please keep them home. It will save you, and us, a lot of time and energy as we will likely ask you to come to the school and pick them up as soon as they arrive. If your child needs to stay home, teachers will work hard to provide you with resources and materials, as well as regular check-ins to help them continue learning.

4. We are asking parents to drop off and pick up students if at all possible, rather than using bus transportation. However, if no other options are available to you, we do have some busing options that you can use. Please contact the school, or Mid Columbia bus company by Wednesday if you think your child will need busing. Their number is 541-963-6119. Bus registration forms are also on our website and Facebook page.

Now I know that you have a host of questions and we are preparing for all these logistics as we speak. Please be on the lookout for various documents that I will be sharing over the next few days, including FAQs and updated procedures and policies. These will include everything from where to drop off and pick up your student to what your student can bring to school.

Again, we are excited to see students in person and will be working hard over the next few days to iron out and communicate details and schedules with you. Please watch your email, dojo account, and our website for these updates as they come!

Ryan Westenskow

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