Greenwood Letterhead

Hello Greenwood Families,

Thank you for hanging in there with us as we try to get this crazy school year down the runway and into the air. We are all building the plane as we fly it, but we are in this together and will all get through it one way or another. Here are a few important updates/reminders for you to ensure that students are able to have what they need and connect with teachers:

  1. All students K-5 will begin next week with a staggered start. That means they will have online school either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Then all students will have school on Thursday and Friday. Your teachers are currently reaching out to you to let you know which day is your staggered start day. On that day (M,T, or W) you will have a 1-1 session with the teacher as well as small group time to interact with a few students from the class. This will help families ease into the online instruction, get to know the teacher, and be ready for having all students online beginning on Thursday. If you have not heard from your teacher by Friday, please call the school.
  2. All parents are encouraged to download or refresh their Class Dojo app and turn on notifications. This is a primary communication tool we use at Greenwood. You can sign up at
  3. Supply Checkout Times are this Thursday from 12-7 and Friday from 7-12 at the school. Please send one person per family. The entrance will be in the courtyard on W Ave. We will have supplies, chromebooks, and other information available.
  4. We ask families to do everything possible to allow students to participate in live instruction that will happen between 8:00 am -12:00 pm daily. All essential lessons and assignments will be posted online, and we will also have staff available for questions, help, tutoring, etc. in the afternoons. However, participating in the live learning with the teacher will offer students the best way to stay connected and on track.
  5. Wednesdays will be dedicated to 1-1 tutoring and interventions. Teachers will use this time to connect with families and students on an individual basis but there will be no live instruction or new assignments on this day.
There will be additional information and lots of questions and updates. We ask for your continued patience as we do our best to provide a viable educational program in the circumstances we have been given. Please reach out to us at any time by calling 541-663-3601. Go Giants.