Building Security Reminder

Parents and Staff,

I wanted to take an opportunity to review our school policy on building security. I understand that we sometimes drift from these practices, and so I feel the need to revisit them. Please take note of any pieces that might pertain to you.

Visitors/Volunteers are to enter through the main entrance on Spruce Street and report to the school office to sign in and obtain a visitor’s name tag when visiting the school during the school day. Exterior doors will be locked each day, with the exception of the main door on Spruce Street. Students are instructed not to open any exterior doors for visitors, parents, or other individuals. 

School ends at 2:25. Parents are asked to wait outside when arriving early to pick up students. The front doors will open at 2:23 for those parents who wish to enter the school and greet students at the classroom. 

We ask that parents do not open doors for other parents or prop open doors at any time. All visitors wanting to enter exterior doors should be directed to use the main entrance.

Also note that we will no longer open the back doors at 2:15 for parents of kindergartners. If kindergarten parents wish to join the end of day activities, they may do so by checking in at the main office.

Thank you for helping us keep our building safe and secure!

Ryan Westenskow


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