La Grande School District is proud to have a very dedicated staff that is committed to working to provide a well balanced education to help our 21st century learners be successful in today's challenging environment.
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NamePositionPhone numberWeb Address
NamePositionPhone numberWeb Address
 1/2 Grade Split Teacher 541-663-3580  
Allean Yundt 1st Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Katie Burright 1st Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Kinsey Smith 2nd Grade Teacher 541-663-3580 Mrs. Smith 
Madeline Koenig 2nd Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Jillian Gray 3rd Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Taunya Barnett 3rd Grade Teacher 541-663-3581  
Craig Lankford 4th Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Kevin Kretschmer 4th Grade Teacher 541-663-3580 Mr. Kretschmer 
Missy Rinker 5th Grade Teacher 541-663-3580 Mrs. Rinker 
Brandi Canfield 5th Grade Teacher 541-663-3580  
Sean White Counselor 541-663-3580  
Megan Sherer Kindergarten Teacher 541-663-3580  
Elizabeth Gregory Kindergarten Teacher 541-663-3580  
Ellen Lester Library Media 541-663-3593 Mrs. Lester 
Kate Dunlap Music Teacher 541-663-3580  
Ryan Westenskow Principal 541-663-3580  
Penny Waite Reading Specialist 541-663-3580 Mrs. Waite 
Joel Goldstein School Psychologist/Diagnostician 541-663-3580  
Sally McCann Secretary 541-663-3581  
Cathy Worcester Special Education Teacher 541-663-3580  
Christine Wallender Speech Therapist 541-663-3580  
Tracy Davidson Title I Teacher 541-663-3580  
Showing 23 items