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Hello Greenwood Families,

Handicap Parking - We would ask all parents to please not park in the handicap zone on V Avenue unless you have a child or family member who qualifies with a disability. This will help us free up that space for those who have handicap access needs.

Book Trading:
Good readers go through lots of books! Encourage your child to bring books from home (if they are in good condition) to trade for new books. We'll send them home with something brand new and exciting!

Nut Allergies:
Due to a growing number of children with severe nut allergies, we will no longer be serving PB&J sandwiches in our cafeteria. This does not mean that kids can't bring their own PB&J, only that our kitchen is choosing to serve other options that are safer for all kids. We will also be helping students to learn about allergies, the importance of hand washing, why we don't share food at lunch, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

Student Safety:
Just a few reminders to help us keep kids safe before, during, and after school...
- Please do not drop off students before 7:30. We do not have supervision until then.
- We have lots of crossing zones near our school. Please drive slowly and carefully.
- All visitors should check in at the front office. Other doors remain locked during during school hours and students and staff are told not to open them for strangers.
- Please contact the office ahead of time if your student is sick or absent.

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